Whether your business is large or small, urban or remote, high-tech or hands on, our team believes nothing is more important than the safety of your people and the security of your property.

NMS Security is dedicated to protecting your people and property, allowing you to do business without disruption. We are uniquely positioned to tailor our services to your specific needs. Our highly trained security officers and experienced management professionals consistently deliver premium security services that you can depend on.

Our people are what make the difference

NMS Security hires only the most qualified candidates. Our officers are highly trained security specialists. Whatever your businesses requirements, NMS Security has the professional qualifications and quality personnel to help you meet your security needs. Knowing that NMS Security officers are on the job, you can focus on the core of your business. With NMS Security on site, incidents will be deterred and responses will be fast and professional. 

With a true spirit of customer service, our security specialists strive to reflect NMS’ core values in day-to-day operations. When you work with NMS Security, you will benefit from the value we place on safety, integrity, honesty, commitment and good corporate citizenship; all traits beyond value and are integrated into our daily operations.