Professional Qualifications

NMS Security maintains the highest standards for hiring our staff. Most of our security professionals have a minimum of two years’ experience in law enforcement or a professional security-related field.

Every candidate receives a thorough background and criminal history check and a drug-screening test to ensure only applicants of high standards and integrity become members of our team. Our tradition of fairness and excellent working conditions enables NMS Security to consistently deliver an experienced and stable workforce to our clients. We are proud of our reputation and the services we deliver.

Many of our security professionals are former members of law enforcement, fire fighting or emergency medical services organizations. These professionals bring decades of experience and training from both federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations. Our investigative staff is comprised of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in law enforcement and criminal justice investigations.

At NMS Security, we train our staff to make skilled and strategic use of the latest security technologies and investigative methods, from audio and video surveillance equipment to alarm systems to crowd control and restraint techniques.